Jury Nullification: The Jury’s Secret Power


JUDGES MAY NOT TELL YOU THIS, but when you sit on a jury, you have the right to vote according to your conscience and to judge the law being applied to the case. As a juror, you are the final safeguard for justice. It’s the judge’s obligation to give the jury the wording of the law being applied to the case. If the judge fails to provide the wording of the law or you think the law he gives you is a bad or unconstitutional law or a good law being improperly applied, or there are other factors that would make you regret a vote to convict someone, then it is your right and duty as a juror to vote “Not Guilty” even if you are the only juror who does and you therefore “hang” the jury. You cannot be punished for the way you vote.  Our lawmakers sometimes pass bad laws, and, at times, good laws have been misused. Throughout history reasoning jurors have refused to convict fellow citizens who were accused of breaking the law:

  • They freed tax protesters during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, refused to convict those who aided runaway slaves in violation
  • of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, freed bootleggers charged during Prohibition 1920-30, and released Vietnam
  • War objectors 1960-70.
When our country was young, all jurors were told of their right to judge the law, as well as the facts of the case. Then judges decided that juries should no longer be told of their power to act as a safeguard against bad laws or unethical lawmakers. Now, all jurors are instructed to accept the law as it is given to them by the judge, even in
cases where the law is clearly unjust.
But now you know the secret: If you are selected as a juror, you have the right and duty to do the right thing: to follow your conscience and to judge the law as well as the facts of the case. It is the only way to keep government in the hands of the people.

Author Terrorized by SWAT Team – UPDATED 11.25.13

Originally posted 6.1.13

Updates at bottom of article.

This is a true story of the amazing attempt to silence David Allender and my attempt to raise the public’s attention to this crime by law enforcement against 2 innocent truth loving Americans.

David has written 2 books on the subject of government corruption which expose a vast and very well organized criminal cabal.  His work also includes 2 full length documentaries and a network of websites.

David’s latest documentary is so revealing and truthful that 2 days before its scheduled release date, May 29, 2013, we awoke to armored vehicles ramming my pickup which was parked in our own driveway and sixty-five (65) law enforcement personnel, including SWAT teams, descending on our property.   We watched in horror as they began destroying our home/vehicles within 15 minutes of arriving.  We said our goodbyes because we were sure they were going to kill us. Continue reading “Author Terrorized by SWAT Team – UPDATED 11.25.13” »


Thrive Movie Exposed

by DregHunter

Here’s some work I did for my 1st book “The Everything Pages”.  The Thrive movie was a complete disinformation ploy as is the case with nearly all documentaries you see in the mainstream media.  (yes, even PBS, Link TV, Current TV and etc.)  What made the Thrive film different was the fact “they” didn’t release it to the mainstream but rather coyly let it out for consumption on the net only.  This made it seem more legit to we the sheople and unfortunately, unknown 1,000s bought off on the do nothing messages hook, line and sinker.  Anyone who’s researched the field of modern propaganda knows what to look for.

The dregs want everyone spellbound in any number of debilitating states so that’s what they focus on with these types of disinformation materials.  The messages are always directed at generating varying levels of FEAR, FUTILITY, ACCEPTANCE, FALSE HOPE AND WAITING which all result in do nothingness.  That’s how they’re winning their battle for the jew World Order.  Here’s the official Thrive Movie Poster with all of their satanic 11s and other crap;


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Dr. Greers’ Sirius UFO Disclosure Documentary Exposed

by DregHunter

I had a very, very amusing and effective hunt at the Livestream of the red carpet premier for the release of Sirius.  I pulled up a chair in the chatroom for the event about 5 hours before it started and noticed all the satanic crap in the poster (below) so started flipping them some shit.  To my total and utter disbelief they couldn’t ban me because it was all being held at Livestream who owned the chat system.

What ensued was an absolute riot.  I was inserting stuff like “Total CIA Disinfo, Get The Truth at www.LibertyKennedy.com”  and they went completely batshit.   They had their trolls try to over run my posts with tons of nonsensical crap while threatening to kill me and pleading for me to stop.  This of course just fired me up like it would any dreg Hunter.  At the end of the night LibertyKennedy.com got over 3,000 hits and plenty of fan mail.  This was a huge success, all because of just one lone dreg Hunter.  The moral to the story;  Never underestimate what you can do alone!

Like the Thrive documentary, Sirius is also pure CIA disinformation propaganda.  Dr. Greer, it’s producer, has openly claimed to have been friends with Rockefellers, Clintons and tons of other top dregs.  The main messages of the Sirius film are of false hope for free energy and waiting for things we’ll never see.  Both false hope and waiting are key for putting us in states that allow them to go unfettered by us and succeed at their New World Order.  Here’s just a few of the obvious satanic symbolism on the movies’ poster.



There’s also a little black winged figure flying around on the right and tons of pentagrams spread throughout the background.  This stuff is so obvious it’s ridiculous.  Do yourself a favor and DON’T watch this worthless, jew produced disinformation and propaganda film.  Thankfully it’s gotten mostly mediocre to crappy reviews so won’t be making much headway.


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Wild World of Finance in Under 5 Minutes

by John Q

OutbankWhy Outbank?   Simple, to stop the United Nations from implementing a One World Communist Government with a One World Luciferian Religion and a One World Payment/Identification System using Satellite controlled RFID Implants via a One World Bank, The IMF.  Does all that sound like complete mumbo-jumbo to you?  If so, you’re no different than we were a couple years ago before doing all of the research to figure this out.  Welcome to the Global Elites’ Agenda 21 brought to you by their not so shiny new governing body for the world, the United Nations!

That’s what all the chaos going on around planet earth is about.  This will blow you away when you finally put it all together.  Basically, the insanity of never ending wars, faltering economies, uncanny up tick in bizarre happenings like UFOs, meteors, odd political/papal resignations, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and yes, even global warming are all solely due to the UNs’ quest to undermine America and then dominate our world.   If you have about 20 minutes of free time right now you can easily learn all about the monetary portion of things yourself by reading a CHAPTER (it’s a .pdf doc) from the 1st of 2 highly informative books.  They are absolutely FREE.  Come on back when you’re done doing that or, read on.  Here’s a quick summary on part of what you will (or just did) find out in the book;

The BANKS:  ALL “Big Banks” (Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, CITI, Wells Fargo, ING etc.) and ALL “Central Banks” (the FED, Banks of England, Japan, Australia etc.) and both the “International Banks” (World Bank, and IMF) are owned by a criminal cabal of filth who live by an ancient book of satan worshipping, slavery and blood sacrifices called the “TALMUD”.  They are all multi, multi TRILLIONAIRES that most have never heard a word about because they control EVERYTHING WE HEAR, READ AND SEE IN THEIR MEDIA!

The CORPORATIONS:  The same lucifer lovin’ scum who own the banks now own the vast majority of stock in the worlds top 1,300 corporations.  Satan/lucifer/evil aren’t just silly words.  These people worship the devil, cast spells and conjure demons, literally.  NO JOKE.  This is why they are ALL psychopathic liars, mass/genocidal murderers and pedophilic perverts from hell who don’t give a damn about you and yours.  That’s who owns all the banks and corporations on earth!  And with all that wealth and corporate power just guess who’s controlling;

The GOVERNMENTS:  Yep, those same satanic trillionaires are now in total control of ALL THE LEADERS IN YOUR GOVERNMENT.  (Yes him and her and them etc., ALL of them are UNITED AGAINST US.) There is no democracy, your votes haven’t mattered for decades.  There’s been near zero progress towards goodness on earth for nearly 50 years, not a single thing of importance has gotten markedly better, not pollution, not nukes, not relations between countries, not famine, not disease, NOTHING OF ANY IMPORT.  And maybe you’ve also noticed there is no justice, politicians, bankers and priests never go to jail for anything, not war crimes, grand theft, pedophilia, rape, murder, treason nor anything else.

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The Everything Else Pages – Preview from Chapter 9: What If?

by John Q

What if?….tree huggers, gun nuts, hippies, liberals and conservatives from every religion and race found out they were all on the same team?  What if paying interest and taxes were ridiculous notions of the past?  What if one day you never had to think about money again and materialistic compensation was the last thing on your mind and all you really wanted to be proud of and known for was your contribution/s to society?  What if we were rewarded for being frugal?  What if every war going on around the world were to cease, forever?  What if everyone of able body or mind continually had a choice between working or not and were remunerated accordingly?  What if when people get sick or die there’s zero doubt it was of natural causes instead of being insidiously poisoned by maniacal nutcases?  What if your voice mattered in consideration of all new laws?  What if there was very little use for militaries or police to protect us?  What if there was no such thing as terrorism?   What if the news was full of good news because newscasters were free to cover it and that left you feeling inspired instead of downtrodden?  What if we mostly policed ourselves and created reward systems for positive characteristics like honesty, being decent and having compassion?  What if you could easily, freely and instantly vote to have a say on all the matters important to you?  What if no new laws could be written without your input?  What if we could manufacture and use new types of motors that create energy without pollution?  What if hate, violence and abuse were to diminish to nearly un-recordable levels?  What if there were no more secrets of any kind being kept from you?  What if you could do whatever the hell you wanted during your life so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else?  What if there was just one government for the entire planet and everyone had equal say in its’ power and what we do as a race?  What if your possessions could never be taken from you unless you did something that was actually bad enough to warrant it?  What if a missing child was an extremely rare and explainable event?  What if medicines and vaccines didn’t make you sicker or kill you?  What if we only needed minimal amounts of coal, oil or natural gas and zero nuclear power?  What if nukes were a thing of the past?  What if leaders were accountable for their actions?  What if your ID was of your choosing and forever unique across the globe?  What if you never got another account number or other identifier assigned to you for you to manage from anyone ever again?  What if no one was getting ready to put a chip in your forehead to make you a more malleable and obedient slave?  What if your government didn’t think of and use you like a lab rat?  What if your government wasn’t planning on enslaving or killing you?  What if you could do absolutely everything you needed to do for your entire life with just one user name and one password that was totally secure, unique and under your sole control?  What if you had total oversight for use of your personal information in all regards?  What if there was a much better option than Facebook?  What if free speech was real again?  What if privacy actually mattered?  What if there was no such thing as identity theft?  What if no one were more important than the rest of us unless we decided they were?  What if murder rates dropped through the floor?  What if our air, water, soil and food wasn’t tainted with poisons?  What if we could take trips to other planets just for fun?  What if there were no diseases?  What if mankind respected earth and all of its’ resources?  What if animals were treated with simple humaneness and even reverence for the grandeur of their diversity, contributions and spirit?  What if you didn’t have to sell your soul to be a successful musician, artist, writer or actor?  What if we could live longer, way longer?  What if the environment were healthy again?  What if global warming ended and everything went back to normal?  What if all the fish in the seas and animals around the world were going to thrive instead of go extinct?  What if the only advertisements you came across were those sought and of your choosing?  What if there were no such things as telemarketing, spam or junk mail?  What if retirement consisted of the dutifully and rewardingly passing on your wisdom, traditions and experiences?  What if government were made up of men and women of honor and conscious again?  What if every corporation on earth were owned and controlled collectively by all people democratically?  What if banks ceased to exist?  What if there was no such thing as taxation of any kind?  What if everyone who participated in society were rewarded equally and got bonuses for providing exceptional works beneficial to everyone or for making extra contributions to the whole of us?  What if you could trust everything you hear in the news and media?  What if your rights actually meant something?  What if the whole of human knowledge were available to everyone and you could learn about anything you wanted, for free?  What if there was no venue or supportive system for greed?  What if basic schooling consisted of things you really needed to know?  What if everything our governments did made sense again?  What if you belonged to a network of people that valued democracy, privacy, freedom and individuality above and beyond profits and control?  What if you had plenty of freedom and free time to truly enjoy your life and the precious time on earth you’ve been given?  What if everyone had an equal stake in our future?  What if we alone could decide what our governments do and how many natural resources were used?  What if our leaders were nothing more than signatory representatives of our wants, needs and desires?  What if conspirators bribing or killing them couldn’t make any difference?  What if they could be kicked out of office at any time via our popular will?  What if we could look to the future with hope and anticipation instead of confusion and dread?  What if we knew, completely and absolutely the truth about EVERYTHING knowable?  What if everyone you were to meet had shoes on their feet and somethin’ to eat, wouldn’t that be neat?  And what if everyone had shelter?  (Thank You Wavy Gravy)  What if you could be extremely proud of being part to the human race?  What if it were all up to you right now?  What if you had a choice to either act at this very moment by sharing this with everyone you know or to go forward knowing dregs are attempting to see that you, your friends and loved ones all die cowardly, needless and grizzly deaths?  What if attaining the very great assets of peace, love, freedom and happiness requires a small effort on our parts?  What if freedom still wasn’t free?  What if like all things, we had to effort to succeed?  And what if in this case the effort was so infinitesimally small and trivial, and the payoff so gargantuanly huge and meaningful, both could be considered immeasurable?  And what would you think of those who didn’t do so much as pass this along and support our efforts to right the world?  Please Join Us Today!

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